Intro to "Obsessive Creative Disorder" / by Michael Hoskin

 Welcome and many thanks to all 3 of you for taking the time to read the preamble to my blog.

Now, anyone who knows me will surely know that I have a very serious problem known as "Obsessive Creative Disorder" or OCD for short. This means that, since my creative enlightenment in about 2007, whenever I look at a piece of creative work I compulsively start to ask questions, namely:

  • How have they done that?
  • Why didn't I do it first? and
  • How long will it take me to create something equally as wonderful?

Generally accompanied by strong feelings of jealousy, anger and self-pity.

It does have it's upsides though. Over the years I have learned a tonne from my problem, and while living through the development of digital media, almost everything I learn in one discipline I have been able to apply to another, through audio, video, graphics, motion graphics, music to list but a few of my "hobbies". This has often allowed me to jump in at the deep end and progress fairly quickly.

However, about 18 months ago I met my Moby Dick.

I stumbled across this Speed Painting Demo and of course my disorder kicked in.

 In the 18 months since, after trying to jump in at the deep end I have realised that it simply isn't possible with something like this. I had so much envy for the skill involved that I tried and tried to produce something in Photoshop that I could say I was vaguely proud of and put this obsession to bed.

But no. One awful attempt after another.

So I have conceded. Not to give up of course, Simply that I have to start from scratch. Absolute scratch. Go and find out properly about all the things I should have taken seriously at school, and thus, this blog was born.

I want to document my progress in public. Starting at the very beginning with pencil, paper and Andrew Loomis. Every triumph and every crappy failure with the end goal of getting something published by Layerpaint or ImagineFX

It's likely to be a very long process, but hopefully it will act as an aid for future generations that suffer from my disorder, to follow my self set curriculum, learn from my mistakes and create some incredible images that will one day torment and motivate other people the way these have to me.